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How To Build Your Own Electric Car

Electric powered cars are becoming more and more popular every day, and for good reason. These vehicles are much more cost-effective and don't cause any pollution.

By using electric cars, you will be able to completely eliminate your gas bill, drive up to two hundred miles on a single charge, improve your engine’s performance and get a better horsepower, start enjoying a smoother and quieter ride, get massive refunds for having a greener car, spend only a dollar to charge your vehicle, and even protect the environment.

It is important, then, to know

how to build your own electric car.

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Before building your electric car, you must first choose the right car to convert.  Small cars are the best vehicles for you to convert because the major problem that many people face in this step is the large space required for the batteries. Cars that are light weight and have plenty of room for batteries will be perfect for conversion.

After choosing the right donor car, you need to know which tools to use and where to find them. Also, you need to have a decent step-by-step instruction to work your way towards your own electric car.

Essentially, you have to remove the donor car’s engine gas tank, exhaust, and clutch. Then, you have to install the electric motor and controller, and wire them to the batteries.

The main components of an electric car are a simple frame, basic wheels, an electric motor, a car battery, and an electric on and off switch. Other materials that you will need are different nuts and bolts, fuses, rechargeable batteries, a power controller, and power conductors.

These materials are very affordable and can be easily found at your local hardware store. The tools that you are going to need are just basic everyday tools such as cordless drills, screw drivers, and various wrenches.

In order to control the amount of electric current that is going to the motor, you may need to use an electric regulator. It will act like the accelerator pedal of a conventional car. All the electrical system would have to be connected to a central circuit board, which will monitor the whole system and act as a power overload breaker.

Building your own electric car will cost you a few hundreds of dollars, but then again, it will save you hundreds of dollars every month on gas costs.

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