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The Convert To EV Review

Les and Jane Oke have been living an environmentally conscious lifestyle, trying their best not to pollute the environment, for the past twenty years.

Living off the grid with renewable energy, they applied their knowledge and experience in order to commit to their green lifestyle by driving a pure electric car.

Convert to EV is a manual that is also the collection of the Okes’ knowledge and experience in building electric cars.

In this guide you will discover the secret to increasing the range of your electric car with a revolutionary discovery while building your own electric vehicle.

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Electric cars can provide better handling and driving experience because of their lowered center of gravity. Other advantages of using an electric car include being able to easily go past steep inclines, make sharp turns, and climb curbs. Electric cars are able to maintain an almost continuous torque even if its speed is slower than gasoline-fueled ones.

With Convert to EV, you will be provided with a step-by-step guide on how to convert a car to electric. You will learn how to cut fuel costs to nearly zero, how to clean up the environment, and how to get massive IRS refunds.

This manual will explain fully how the car is going to be powered by electricity. You will learn how the system controls the amount of electricity that is flowing into the motor and gear system that eventually drives the wheels.

Not all car models are suitable to be electric retrofitted, and one of the biggest costs for an EV conversion is the batteries. The guide will show you how to choose the right donor car for your conversion project, how to select the right electric motor, and how to utilize a special reconditioning process to bring back used deep cycle batteries to life. It explains where to find cheap

electric motors and cheap batteries and gives tips on dead battery reconditioning. It also provides a list of the best cars to be retrofitted into EV and a list of the tools that are necessary for EV conversion.

One good thing about this manual is its simplicity. It was written for someone who has no knowledge about electric cars. The manual is very easy to follow with lots of pictures and diagrams. In addition, it offers a full online support to anyone who may need assistance.

Anyone can build their own electric car regardless of skill. With Convert to EV, you will have an electric car that looks good and can travel at 50 mph, and be completely satisfied.

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